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Why add this entertainment to your big day?Evening-Reception-Magic

1.) Keeps your guests entertained while you have photographs taken

2.) Avoids people standing around feeling awkward not knowing what to talk about

3.) Entertains guests while they wait as food is served in the wedding breakfast

4.) Will keep the atmosphere of the day on a high, getting people ready for speeches

5.) Can be great post-wedding breakfast and as a welcome for evening guests

Need more convincing? Read what couples that booked Chris are saying!

During the reception drinks, photographs must be taken, but inevitably, not everyone will be required for them.

Close-up magic is the best way to keep everyone entertained, while the bride, groom and key wedding party members can take time over those all-important photographs, comfortable knowing that their guests are in good hands and having fun.

This will break the ice amongst those guests who perhaps are only meeting for the first time and will certainly create a buzz amongst those who have as Chris circulates around the groups of people, entertaining and bringing them together by performing astonishing magic and mind reading miracles.

The time between the end of the meal and the evening celebrations is also a popular time to perform.

By now the day is in full swing and the crossover time in between the wedding breakfast and the start of the evening reception can be a great place to use magic.

Not only to keep all of the daytime guests entertained, but also to welcome the evening guests and bring both daytime and new guests together…
…Ensuring that there’s not that awkward split between the daytime and evening groups!

A couple of hours of magic will really help to get the evening celebrations in full swing before everyone hits the dance floor.

So you are interested in booking and want to know how much it will cost you to have some close-up magic at your next event?

The good news is that you are not far away from getting a quote to add magic to your celebration but a few more details are needed first, because every event is different and quoted individually in order to provide the best price possible.


When enquiring, please try to include required performance time as well as the location in order to be provided with an accurate, no-obligation quote.

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