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The world of close-up magic is hugely popular! I mean, what could be more exciting than seeing miracles and impossibilities performed just inches in front of you. However, as with all trends, there is another type of magic that has been waiting in the wings for a few years but is now very much making a comeback…Cabaret.

CABARET MAGIC as it was originally known is somewhere between a small parlour show and a full stage show.

Now I appreciate it is some years since any of us had a “parlour” in our homes but this old-fashioned expression really refers to around 20 people sitting in a couple of rows whilst a magician stands up front. Usually behind or aside a table and performs close-up magic style tricks but playing to the whole group as one as opposed to the more typical mix and mingle way of presenting these effects.

A full stage show is exactly as it sounds – a theatre of several hundred people, sitting down to watch an entire show with full production values.

So what actually is cabaret magic then I hear you ask…

Cabaret magic is a portable show that has the feeling of a full evening show but can be setup and transported to almost any venue.

It means that an after-dinner show can be presented as well as providing a main point of focus for an evening event. I speak of my own show when I say that PA system, backdrop and the set are all provided by me in order to give the look and feel of it a very high and professional standard.

I have been working on my brand new show for a couple of years now and have recently started performing it more frequently at various events. It can take several forms from being a short 15-minute set performed at the end of a close-up gig to round it off or precede the wedding speeches.

Or an hour of after-dinner entertainment that is full of comedy, magic and mind-reading. Right the way through to a full evening experience of two halves that runs around a couple of hours with an interval.

This last version is currently being booked into several venues across Kent, and ticket information for these public performances will appear on this blog first as and when they are confirmed.

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