Cards in a Bottle & “The Selfie Bottle!”

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Yes, they are back – by popular demand plus a brand new feature option has been added – the option to have YOURSELF in the bottle too with “The Selfie Bottle!” What a calling card to leave for a super important client or give to a friend or relative as a memento of their birthday or wedding!

The previously sold BRIDGE sized decks have now been discontinued permanently as I have – after almost a decade of searching – found the perfect bottle to JUST fit a fully sized poker deck within. This bottle really is perfect as the top edges of the deck are only fractionally away from the glass making it the best looking and most impossible Cards in a Bottle ever offered here!

I am really proud of these and hope you enjoy the new addition: “The Selfie Bottle!” These are a great place to have a more personal touch to the traditional cards in a bottle. Custom decks of cards can be placed into the bottles too upon request. If you have a special deck or request, please get in touch to discuss the requirements and possibilities.

Check out the full details, pictures and order info on the new website page here: Cards in a Bottle by Chris Harding

Thank you for reading and as always if you have any questions at all, then please do get in touch, and I will be happy to discuss. Have a great week everyone!

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