Midweek Weddings in Kent

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So you are getting married on a weekday…Wedding-Breakfast-Close-Up-Magic

The venue has done you a fantastic deal…

As has the photographer…

But what about keeping the guests entertained?!?!


Well fear no more as I am now offering bespoke quoting for all events, meaning that if you are getting married on a Monday, then you could be in to save a few quid.

Close up magic has EXPLODED onto the wedding scene in recent years, having been an added and rare “luxury” in previous years, it is now considered by many to be an absolute necessity when it comes to planning the big day!

But a magician…isn’t that for kids?!

Not anymore! While some people still have the misconception that magic is just for children, you only have to look at the popularity of close up magic in the corporate and celebrity party worlds to know that it is no longer child’s play!


A wedding IS and always WILL be a family occasion, so you need to make sure that the magician for your wedding can make the kids at the table laugh just as much as the adults. This is something I specialise in… over eleven years of full time performing experience, I think it is a comic travesty to ignore the kids when it comes to working at a wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a “kids entertainer” perse and am not the act to book if you want someone to take 20 ankle biters into a separate room and entertain them during the speeches.

However, children have moved on since the 90’s and proper close-up magic, when adapted slightly in presentation, will ensure that even these little “Beliebers” will have a great time.

How much does all this cost?

Well that all depends…. on when and where your wedding is and how long you would like to book entertainment for.

Based in Kent, I am not far from many London and South East venues so be sure to get in touch and discuss your event and I can supply you with a quote to suit you and your situation.

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